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Samurai Warrior (3470)
Choose your samurai ninja martial arts fighter and battle it out in a dojo or outside.
Naruto (3303)
Guide Naruto to avoid the Ninja Shuriken
1 Starship (2830)
Very Cool top down shooter. use the mouse to more your ship around and the button to fire.
Digininja (2573)
Collect the lemon bonus in this cute Digi Ninja game
The Free Lancer (1933)
Freelance Ninja training and fighting
Digininja beta v1.0 (1822)
Kill the enemy ninja in this Digi Ninja game
3D Frogger (856)
Classic frogger arcade game, get across the highway traffic packed with cars, across the river to the other side.
Frog It (755)
Help the frog cross the road without being run over.
Super Fighter (734)
Street fighter like game move in jump kick punch spin kick and pull off your super move to finish off your opponent.
Supreme Darts (713)
You strat the game with 301 points. At the end of the shot, the score of the dart shot is subtracted from your score. Try to reach zero within 30 shot.
Bunch (691)
Move the balls around and hit collect when you have them bunched up.
Battle Pong II (665)
Beat the other bat in this old school remake!
Gravity Arcade (655)
Saving Wade 3 (649)
Go through the Star Syndicate, collect flash works and enter portals to the next level while avoiding enemies.
Action Driving (649)
Drive a photo realistic car in this car driving game
Cosmopilot (631)
Assemble the spacecraft, and collect enough gas to launch
Apples (629)
Catch the falling apples in the basket. Don't miss or grandma will be mad.
Ultimate Ping (627)
Play a game of pong with yourself, score points by simply bouncing the ball back and forth using both paddles.
Bump Copter 2 (620)
Fly around in your helicopter, avoid bumping into walls and objects and get to the flag in one piece.
Bullet Time Fighting (579)
Jump over your enemy kick punch shoot your gun and fly off a wall in bullt time matrix style.

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